AS216340 BGP Prefixes

IPv4 Prefixes

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IPv6 Prefixes

Prefixes Design Regions Notes
2a05:dfc1:8f10::/44 Global Anycast
2a05:dfc1:8f20::/44 RIPE Regions Europe
2a05:dfc1:8f50::/44 ARIN Regions North American
2a05:dfc1:8f80::/44 APNIC Regions Asia and Australia
2a05:dfc1:8fb0::/44 AFRINIC Regions Reserved
2a05:dfc1:8fc0::/44 LACNIC Regions Reserved
2a05:dfc1:8fd0::/44 Global Office Reserved for Office and Homelab uses
2605:6400:516d::/48 North American (Optional) BuyVm Routed prefix
2a0c:9a40:8300::/48 Europe (Optional) iFog Assigned prefix


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