An Experiment and Research Based Global Network Operated by TheMaple Inc & Zenuncl

AS216340 is mainly serve as an education, experiment and research network intent to help Network Hobist and TheMaple Inc employee to learn and experience about global BGP networks. The Network currently operated by Zenuncl. We only support IPv6 at the moment and will support IPv4 in near feature.

Network Overview

ASN AS216340
IPv4 Prefixes IPv4 Prefixes List
IPv6 Prefixes IPv6 Prefixes List
BGP bird2
Other Notable Software wireguard


FQDN Location Loopback RIPE Atlas Probe Las Vegas, United States 2a05:dfc1:8f55::1 Zurich, Switzerland 2a05:dfc1:8f22::1 Sydney, Australia 2a05:dfc1:8f82::1


Name ASN Location
FranTech Solutions AS53667 Las Vegas, United States
iFog GmbH AS34927 Zurich, Switzerland
The Constant Company, LLC AS20473 Sydney, Australia


IXP Location Connectivity IPv6 Address
FogIXP Zurich, Switzerland 1G 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:6340:1


AS216340 Network has an fairly open peer policy. You can either peer with us through our listed IXP or through IP tunnelining via IPv4

Peering over Route Server (RS) is always recommended over direct sessions

Documentations for BGP Communities is here

For your convenience, please check out here for more details.

List of known peers


Filter Status sources
reject_invalids Implemented RPKI Filter from Cloudflare
bogon_asns Implemented
bogo_prefixes Implemented
small_prefixes Implemented
ixp_peering_lans To-Do
long_paths Implemented
no_transit_leaks Implemented
strip_large_communities Partial
graceful_shutdown Implemented
IRR Filter To-Do bgpq4


AS216340 Team (Not monitored 24/7):

TheMaple Inc: